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Resources: Partners is a leading provider of mass spectrometry and chromatography continuing education courses for analytical chemists. They offer self-paced, live-on-the-web, classroom and custom courses.

Separation Science is the leading global portal for fundamentals, best practice and troubleshooting information for users of chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques. Featuring articles, applications, webinars, workshops and conferences, Separation Science is the industry's 'go to' information resource.

Valqual International (VQI) provides comprehensive services to the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries by providing assistance in managing and operating a compliant organization in today’s challenging environment. VQI offers expertise and a proven track record of world-class scientific professionals that can partner with your organization to achieve your compliance, training, technology and validation needs.

GMP Training Systems is a world-class supplier of training and support services in the areas of  FDA GMP for Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

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