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Resources: Useful links

On-line texts and courses:

Basics (for students)

Magazines & Journals

Most analytical chemistry journals include liquid chromatography papers. These journals and magazines listed here specialize in chromatography.

Discussion Groups (US)

The US has a number of local/regional discussion groups that focus on chromatography. These groups usually have regular meetings, and their web sites are often extremely valuable reference sources.

Message Boards and on-line discussion groups.

You can learn a lot about HPLC just by "lurking", but don't be afraid to post questions and, as you get experience, to answer questions posted by others. We're all in this together!

  • Chromatography Forum: We may be just a tad prejudiced (we host this one), but it's a great site, with great give-and-take from users.
Other Chromatography Links

We're not quite sure how to categorize these, so let's just say they are repositories of useful information, including even more links:

Manufacturers & Suppliers

If you hadn't already guessed, instrumentation and supplies for HPLC is a big business. For convenience, we've tried to subdivide the manufacturer's links into Instruments, Components and Accessories, Columns, and Supplies, but you should recognize that there is a tremendous overlap in these categories.

Components and Accessories:
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